The joint venture between Daniels Health and Compass Medical Waste Services is a world class solution.

The healthcare risk waste (HCRW) generator receives an innovative, custom-made, safety device for the disposal of their sharps waste combined with the collection, treatment, disposal and tracking implemented by Compass, a HCRW management company with over 20 years’ experience.

With a head office in KwaZulu-Natal and a national footprint, Compass is equipped to provide a compliant HCRW solution specific in all nine provinces of South Africa. Our four treatment facilities, one transit site and 70-strong fleet of vehicles are ready to respond to your needs.

Our extensive experience provides you, our customer, with peace of mind that you have secured the services of a responsible, reliable partner.

Tracking and tracing your Daniels Sharpsmart Container

Using mobile computers, Compass’ custom designed electronic tracking and traceability system allows for the capture and transfer of data, in real time, at all stages of the delivery and collection process. Compass’ drivers are equipped with the mobile device which has a built-in 1D and 2D barcode scanner.

When it comes to the Daniels Sharpsmart containers, Compass works on a one-for-one system, meaning that when the full Daniels Sharpsmart container is collected by Compass, a clean container is delivered.


An unique barcode appears on all containers as well as on the delivery note and both barcodes are scanned at the time of delivery. The customer signs the delivery note as well as an electronic copy which appears on the device. The electronic copy with the items delivered and the corresponding barcodes, are emailed through to the customer. This also appear on the Compass Document Management System (DMS) portal which can be accessed by the customer at any time using an unique password.  


The full Daniels Sharpsmart container is collected at the same time and a Waste Manifest is issued and signed by the customer and the Compass driver who also scans the barcode on each item to the Waste Manifest. One signed paper copy of the Waste Manifest is kept by the customer while the other goes to the Compass driver. The customer will check that each item has been scanned and can view the onscreen summary to ensure that it matches the Waste Manifest. The electronic version is sent by email to the customer.

Compass Treatment Facility

Upon arrive at Compass’ treatment facility the waste if offloaded and scanned again to ensure that all containers have been received.

The full containers are then loaded onto the Daniels robotic washer, opened and decanted robotically and goes through the five-stage washing process. The decanted sharps are treated in Compass autoclave – treatment technology with NO harmful air emissions. The sharps waste is then shredded and taken to an authorised landfill.

Robotic Washer

The washing is a five stage process:

The Sharpsmart containers and wash rack are carried between wash stages by a conveyor. During the wash cycle the water temperature and detergent concentration is automatically monitored and controlled.

  1. Cold water flush: a low volume high impact burst of water to dislodge and remove any residual solid matter remaining after the decanting process. Matter is collected in a large removable strainer that is easily removable for cleaning, the water going to drain.
  2. Cold water pre wash: a longer duration wash to begin hydrating the Daniels reusable sharps container soiling. There is a periodic topping up of the pre-wash tank programmed into the system control to maintain cleanliness. The overflow from this tank cascades into the cold water flush tank to minimise water usage.
  3. Hot wash: a detergent wash at adequate hot temperature as the principal wash zone of the system. In order to maintain cleanliness of the wash water a measured percentage of the water is discharged to drain with fresh water make up cascading into the hot wash tank from the eco-rinse tank.
  4. Eco-rinse: a fresh water rinse to remove residual detergent from the Daniels reusable sharps container. Water is displaced by incoming final rinse water and cascades through to the hot wash tank in the form of fresh make-up water. This hot water is used for the final, low-volume sanitising of the product.
  5. Smartguarding: The container then passes into an automatic Smartguard applicator where a water-based silicon compound is sprayed into the container and onto its internal surfaces. The purpose of this process is to provide a chemical barrier between soiling and the container to improve resistance to staining.


On completion of the Smartguarding process, and housed in the same module, the container and wash rack are spin-dried before being discharged onto a roller conveyor.

The clean, dry and Smartguarded container is automatically unclipped from the wash rack, manually removed, and given a final inspection for cleanliness before being loaded back into the wheeled transporter for re-use. The wash rack is automatically fed back into the opening and decanting head for use with other containers. In this way less that twenty wash racks will be in circulation while the system is in use, washing up to 120 containers per hour.

The Sharpsmart containers and wash rack are carried between wash stages by a conveyor. During the wash cycle the water temperature and detergent concentration is automatically monitored and controlled.

The Sharpsmart container has been proven to withstand an amazing 500 cycles, a testament to its durability, sterility and re-usability.

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