Daniels Sharpsmart Container. A paradigm shift in healthcare risk waste management.

‍Established in Australia in 1986, Daniels Health has been shaping and redefining safe waste practices for over three decades. The Daniels Sharpsmart container was born out of a passion for minimising the risks exposed to healthcare professionals from unsafe sharps handling practices, and this aspiration remains the cornerstone of the company’s practices.

In 2005, Compass established a partnership with internationally renowned, Daniels Health, in bringing the Daniels Sharpsmart container to South Africa - the only reusable sharps container solution in Africa, and the safest sharps management system in the world.

From small practises to large medical facilities, the Daniels Sharpsmart container ensures that every customer receives:

  • Innovation for safer sharps waste practices.
  • A reduction in sharps waste of 30%.
  • A reduction in carbon emissions.  
  • A sharps solution that benchmarks the highest standards of staff and patient safety.
  • A sharps solution that ensures minimum disruption to patient care and medical proceedings.
  • An 86.6% reduction in container related sharps injuries.
  • Decreased costs by increasing efficiencies and preventing sharps injuries.

Compass Medical Waste Services are the sole suppliers in Africa of this unique, patented product which reduces plastic to landfill and reduces carbon emissions.

Thousands of South Africans’ suffer the trauma of a sharps injury each year.

This incurs a substantial financial implication for healthcare institutions and imposes a huge emotional burden on healthcare workers and their families.

The effectiveness of the Daniels Sharpsmart system in reducing sharps injuries is achieved by focusing on the three ‘P’s’

The safest Product, correct Placement of containers and through training of the People who use the system.

Using Daniels Sharpsmart reusable containers means a reduction in costs -

through a decrease in needlestick injuries as well as larger container options for volume efficiencies.

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Our Passion

As a safety-focused company, Compass is passionate about reducing the number of needlestick injuries. Daniels Health introduced a new standard of risk prevention by putting safety, intelligent movement and clinical design at the forefront of its medical management practices. With safety as a primary driver, Daniels Health has invested millions into R&D to create world-leading leakproof containment systems, robotic washing processes achieving the highest levels of bacterial load reduction, and a suite of space-optimising accessories that enable hands-free operation and point-of-use accessibility.

Compass recognises that a clinical environment requires a clinical solution and the Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps container is unrivalled in infection and needlestick risk reduction.