Sharpsmart Accessories

Cartsmart 1

Enables convenient, mobile mounting of Sharpsmart containers.

All Sharpsmart Regular and Access Plus Sizes

Static Floor Stand

All Sharpsmart Regular and Access Plus Sizes.

S14, S22, S32

Bench Bracket - S14 and S22

Provides secure stabilisation of S14 and S22 Sharpsmart containers on a benchtop.

S14 | S22

Locking Wall Bracket (Left Hand, Right Hand)

For use in areas where secure, key lock mounting of Sharpsmart containers is required.

S14, S22 and S32 Regular sizes

Access Plus Wall Bracket

Designed for wall mounting of the Sharpsmart Access Plus range to allow 90-degree lid opening.

S14, S22, S32 Acess Plus sizes

Standard Wall Bracket

Universal bracket enabling wall mounting of Sharpsmart range. Bracket kit comes with screws and hole-plugs. For wall mounting of Access Plus Sharpsmarts, see Access Plus bracket.

S14, S22 and S32 Regular sizes

Standard Cradle

Easy to install design simply hooks over rail on trolley to allow Sharpsmart containers to face inwards or outwards. Rugged, non-rust stainless steel construction.

S14, S22 Regular and Access Plus sizes

Mounted Cradle

Identical concept and design as Standard Cradle, but with additional mounting plate to attach Cradle to a wide variety of trolley designs.

S14, S22 Regular and Access Plus sizes

Sharpsmart Container Features & Benefits

The Sharpsmart container has been scientifically proven to be the world’s safest and most environmentally responsible sharps management solution.

With over five years of research invested into its design and engineering, the Sharpsmart container is manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure that all safety mechanisms are functional on each and every container. In its design and proven studies, the Sharpsmart container is more than just a sharps container, it is an engineered safety device which eliminates risk of container-related sharps injury, and minimises the impact on the environment.

Peer reviewed and documented in numerous publications globally, the Sharpsmart container has proven greater reduction in sharps injuries than any other sharps containment system in the world.

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