The Sharpsmart safety engineered sharps device

The Sharpsmart safety engineered sharps device

August 1, 2022

As a busy healthcare professional, we understand that the issue of infection control carries more weight than ever when it comes to the safety and reputation of your facility in the eyes of your staff, patients and the authorities.

The Daniels Sharpsmart container is the world’s safest and most environmentally responsible sharps and clinical waste management system, clinically proven to reduce sharps injuries and eliminate over 30% of sharps waste in its first year of use. Daniels Health’s Sharpsmart Compass’ innovative approach to making healthcare safer aims to help facilities across South Africa to:

  • protect staff and patients
  • stay compliant
  • minimise clinical waste
  • reduce costs by up to 15%
  • decrease carbon dioxide emissions

Designed with your safety in mind

An extensive range of safety-engineered features is what sets Sharpsmart apart from all other containers on the market. Below are just a few of the ways our system can perfectly accommodate the safety and waste needs of your healthcare facility.

  • Wide opening: The container is specifically designed to accommodate large or awkward sharps, minimising disposal-related injuries and restricting hand access to the contained waste.
  • A clear view: A transparent window lets you see exactly how full your container is at any given time – a feature that’s completely unique to Sharpsmart containers.
  • Impenetrable, reusable and sterile: The Sharpsmart container is completely impenetrable and has been proven to withstand an incredible 500 stringent wash cycles, making it the most environmentally friendly on the market.
  • Once it’s locked, it’s locked: Sharpsmart containers are equipped with both temporary and permanent locks. Once the permanent locks are engaged, the container cannot be opened or tampered with in any way.
  • No leaks: Unlike many other sharps containers, the Sharpsmart units are airtight-sealed, completely eliminating leakage of the contents during transport.

We’d love the opportunity to show you just what the Sharpsmart system can do for your healthcare facility. To book a free, no obligation demonstration, simply call Melanie Marcelino on 031 267 9700 or email