Daniels Sharpsmart S32 A + I Trochar Solution

Daniels Sharpsmart S32 A + I Trochar Solution

August 1, 2022

Meeting industry demand for a larger receptacle sharps collector for surgical devices, long and bulky sharps.

Access Plus

The Daniels Sharpsmart S32 Access Plus (A+) reusable sharps container is the ideal solution for the safe containment and disposal of long, bulky sharps such as trochars and surgical devices.

Designed for secure areas where unrestricted deposit of sharps is required, the Access Plus collector features full opening lid without a tray to provide full access to the collector.

Feedback from healthcare workers is that the safe disposal of trochars is an ongoing challenge. Either the container is not long enough, alternatively it doesn’t have a wide enough aperture to accommodate the obturator and the cannula.


The dimensions of the Daniels Sharpsmart S32 A+ which accommodate the length and width of a trochar, are as follows:

23.5L fill capacity

610mm (H) x 395mm (W) x 210mm (D) + bracketry

This reusable container is designed for secure areas with high-volume use of long or bulky sharps.

For more information contact Melanie Marcelino on 031 267 9700 or email daniels@compass.za.net.