A Sharps Solution to a pointed issue

A Sharps Solution to a pointed issue

August 1, 2022

A Sharps Solution to a pointed issue

According to the World Health Organisation, every year an estimated 16 billion injections are administered worldwide¹, with more than 2 million sharps injuries occurring among 35 million healthcare workers.²

In South Africa, studies show the incidence of a needlestick injury is between 24% in primary care nurses and up to 69% among junior doctors per annum.³ The prevalence of needlestick injuries among healthcare workers is concerning, as South Africa has the highest HIV positive population in the world.⁴

Needlestick injuries occur more frequently among nurses and surgeons, with studies confirming that syringe needles are the most common causative device. Each needlestick injury imposes a minimum cost of approximately R4900 to the healthcare system.⁵

Aggravating this serious matter is the lack of voluntary reporting of a needlestick injury and a lack of national policies or regulations aimed at reducing needlestick injuries in healthcare.

To reduce needlestick injuries it is crucial that a safe sharps waste containment and disposal system is available at the point of all sharps waste generation.

The Daniels Sharpsmart is the first reusable sharps waste containment system to actively protect against needlestick injuries and infection risk. The Daniels Sharpsmart is recognized in global medical journals as being the safest sharps container in the world. According to peer reviews in five independent studies, it is clinically proven to reduce needlestick injuries up to 87%.

The Daniels Sharpsmart reduces needlestick injuries through its unique design that incorporates 13 safety features and is made of needle-impenetrable plastic. It also has a gravity balanced safety tray for risk-free sharps disposal and a built-in overfill protection mechanism. It reduces infection control risk with its hands-free disposal and does not require container assembly.

Together with innovative processing and washing methods the Daniels Sharpsmart is proven to achieve the highest levels of microbiological efficacy, making it safe to be used over and over again.

The Daniels Sharpsmart is a safe, sustainable sharps solution that is environmentally friendly and contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions. During its 50 year life cycle, a Daniels Sharpsmart container replaces hundreds of thousands of disposable sharps containers.

The high cost of needlestick injuries to the healthcare industry and the increased personal risk to healthcare workers outweigh the investment cost in a sharps waste solution that is proven to save lives.