Meet Melanie Marcelino

Meet Melanie Marcelino

April 28, 2020

Melanie Marcelino has been promoted to Senior Sales Executive for Daniels Sharpsmart Compass. Melanie has been with Compass Medical Waste Services for five years as the National Sales Administrator responsible for the management of all Compass contracts as well as assisting the National Sales Manager.

“During this time I learnt so much about our customers – their requirements, challenges and what really assisted them in achieving their objectives. I also built strong relationships with the sales team and went out of my way to support them,’’ explains Melanie.

“I really enjoyed the past five years but felt I was ready for a new challenge. I never applied for the Daniels’ Senior Sales Executive position because it was Gauteng based but after discussions with EXCO it was agreed that because the growth areas are both KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, I could be based at the Westville head office and travel to Gauteng.’’

The appointment became official on 21 January 2019 and so much has already been achieved in a short period of time.

“I am so excited to be marketing the Daniels’ reusable sharpsmart solution along with Compass’ extensive range of single-use containers, treatment and disposal solutions and value-added products and services,’’ says Melanie.

According to Ian du Randt, Managing Director of Compass Medical Waste Services, “the Daniels Sharpsmart Compass joint venture was established in 2005 and it was a real honour for Daniels International to choose us. Our impeccable track record and capacity as well as our closely aligned values, is what impressed this Australian based company the most,’’ says Ian.

The Daniels Sharpsmart solution is the most environmentally-friendly container for disposing of sharps waste from healthcare facilities. When a reusable container is filled, only the waste inside it is destroyed, lessening the environmental impact of discarded plastic being sent to landfill.

“As an example, for a 100 bed facility the conversion to the Daniels Sharpsmart equates to a reduction of approximately 3.5 tons of plastic waste per annum,’’ says Melanie.

Compass understands that for healthcare facilities their focus is - reducing plastic to landfill, the safety of their healthcare workers, patients and their visitors, as well as reducing costs. This is why Daniels Sharpsmart is the perfect addition to the Compass range.

“Many generators are not fully aware of the cost of a needlestick injury to one of their healthcare workers. Over and above the medical assessment and the preventative Antiretrovirals, the time off work and the emotional stress on the staff member and their family needs to be considered,’’ explains Melanie.

Born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Melanie has always been a dynamic, go-getter. She got her first job at a retail store at the age of 13 where she worked on weekends and during school holidays. After that she waitressed at a Spur restaurant until she matriculated.

She saved from the age of 14 to 16 to contribute towards getting a motorbike. “My mother did not have her driver’s license so I got my independence as soon as I could and would drive myself to school and work on my motorbike.’’

“Watching my mom having to rely on others or public transport to get around made me fiercely self-sufficient from a young age. To this day, I am extremely independent.’’

After matriculating, Melanie did a six month computer course and then went for her first job interview and became the Special Projects Assistant at Club Leisure Group where she worked for a total of seven years. During that time, she became the Personal Assistant to the Sales Director and the Managing Director of one of their franchises. “This position taught me organisational skills, patience and people skills. I received customer calls throughout the day and had to resolve any issues before it got to my superiors.”

From timeshare, Melanie moved to construction where she was the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Her role was divided between administration and marketing. “I was involved in the development of a new corporate identity, implementation of staff uniforms, the company newsletter, customer golf days, board meetings. I learnt so much.”

After three years she moved to Steeldale, part of the Aveng Manufacturing Group, where she was the Regional Sales and Marketing Coordinator for a further three years.

“My marketing, sales, customer liaison and contract management experience will stand me in good stead for my new role at Compass. I am excited about being the ambassador for Daniels Sharpsmart in South Africa. I believe the market is ready for this world class, safety and environmental solution to sharps waste,’’ concludes Melanie.